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Crown Press Belt Press Simulator

Crown Press Belt Press Simulator

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Now you can accurately simulate a full-size belt press, duplicating the actual dewatering process, with Phipps & Bird’s Crown Press Belt Press Simulator.


The unique “crown” design allows the sludge cake to react as it would under normal operating conditions, including the effects of free water motion across both the top and bottom belt faces; shear; capillary channeling; sludge migration; response to pressure changes; and the effect on filtrate flow using different types of belt material.

Without shutting down the big machines, the Crown Press Simulator permits the operator to:

  • Prescreen to select the best polymers and belt types.
  • Determine proper belt tension.
  • Estimate optimum machine throughput.
  • Estimate sludge cake moisture and filtrate clarity.
  • Determine sludge migration.

The Crown Press Simulator comes complete with plow simulator, carrying case and a comprehensive manual.

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